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Develop A Winning Strategy For The Digital World

Digital initiatives are reintroducing the policies of planning and embracing winning strategies almost instinctively. The huge revolution of the business world in recent years has been powered by ‘Digitalization’, primarily stimulated by “pure plays”, organizations that only have online projects[...]

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How Leaders Can Adapt In The Next Normal

While coping with the coronavirus crisis and its impact would be the imperative of our generation, the question arises, ‘How will the new normal look like?’ It is not possible to realize what is going to happen. However it’s possible[...]

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How To Build Your Organization’s Strategic Agility

Considering how fast-paced today’s world is, few matters hold greater importance to business success than a quick response to unexpected alterations in market conditions or client needs. Whether the disturbance is caused by the advent of new technology, a new[...]

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Why Culture Change Is A Priority Now For The Leaders

When it comes to the question ‘what unique thing can you do in today’s date to assist your enterprise return to a new normal,’ where will you begin? With disruption a common reality now, modifying the company culture to be[...]

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TAQA Neyveli has been working with MaFoi in various assignments over a period of time. MaFoi has consistently delivered exceptional services by well understanding nature of our business operations and needs. Recently we engaged MaFoi for conducting compensation benchmarking exercise[...]

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Marks Engineerings Works

We thank you for spending time in our industry for the survey activities. We also appreciate the involvement and dedication you showed during this entire period. Mafoi’s assessment and employee engagement survey, conducted at Marks, was a very useful tool.[...]

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