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Ma Foi with its decades of extensive experience primarily views compliance as a huge subject, and with so many different aspects, it is a legal minefield that requires a professional to safely and fully navigate. Many of the standards that need putting in place and maintaining are expensive and complex and require people skilled in their operation to install them. We at MaFoi, help businesses to adapt and to adopt solutions that introduce efficiencies in GRC objectives such as compliance and risk management activities and establish governance programmes aligned with business imperatives. We bring to you the mantra of “Being Compliant is being Competitive”.

Our compliance consulting works are undertaken as a collaborative approach in delivering value to our clients. The objective is to offer a proactive approach aligned with business objectives.  We provide an end to end Legal and Compliance solutions to our Clients.

The solutions from our team are aligned with certain corporate goals not only to seamlessly execute their strategy but also to minimize risks for our clients. Our subject matter experts are professionals who carry a varied range of industry experience which makes us your essential business partner in building and sharpening your competitive edge.

The biggest hurdle faced by the businesses is managing the ever-increasing enterprise risks coupled with constantly evolving compliance regulations.

The reason is that the majority of these businesses lack a comprehensive and robust Governance, Risk and Compliance framework, which further leads them to non-compliance – statutory, regulatory or internal process-centric, and consequent revenue leakages and cost escalations.

Our objective is to:

  1. a) Provide the best legal compliance solutions to clients, making them competitively compliant
  2. b) Use reliable IT solutions to build the framework of Compliance
  3. c) To provide Timely and Cost-effective compliance management solutions to our Clients

Our Service Offerings would range from providing consulting on the Corporate legal compliance affairs to doing a study of Client’s compliance process and submit scorecards and to provide the most precise Compliance services and solutions as per the norms of a compliance management system.


  • Registration, renewal, filing of forms, annual returns under various Acts
  • Maintenance of statutory registers and records
  • Closure of pending statutory issues

CONSULTING – Legal Advisory:

  • End to end legal and compliance solutions
  • Legal opinions and assistances relating to Registrations, Licensing
  • IPR related opinions and assistances for filing of applications, maintenance of records
  • L & C consulting for Greenfield project assistances, Business start-ups
  • Contract and Compliance Management Services including drafting, vetting of contracts


Company/Unit level Audits -Labour Contractors and Vendors related audits – Licenses, registrations, remittances.

Labour compliance Audits – Payroll, Minimum wages, Labour Contractors and  Vendors related to payroll, remittances, filing of returns. Licenses, registrations.

Factories & Establishments Compliance Consulting Audits – Factory units, Office establishments, Licenses for Environment Health & Safety (EHS), Pollution Control.

Social Security Audits – EPF, ESIC, PT, Insurance.

nandhaNandakumar Manavalan
Vice President

Kavitha Vivek
Head of Legal & Compliance



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Frequently Asked Questions

Any and every individual is required to follow certain provisions of legal compliance, and they are binding on firms as well. These compliance services are provided by compliance consulting services and are mainly focused on anti-money laundering cases.

Compliance management means handling the situation by keenly monitoring and assessing systems so that they comply with all the standards of the business or industry.

Regulatory compliance means abiding by the rules and laws that are constituted by the governing authorities. There are several measures which have been taken by the government for the business and industries which need to be followed.

GRC or Governance, risk, and compliance need to be followed by any business that wants to flourish. It is a well-coordinated collection of all the responsibilities that need to be comply for the better functioning of an organisation.

Compliance audit is required for checking the licenses, registrations, and remittances. There are different types of audit services provided by the compliance services. The compliance audit can either be focused on Labour compliance to check on payroll and filing of returns. It can also audit social security compliance audits for EPF, insurance etcetera.

These are legal compliances that are legally binding. If the firm chooses non-compliance, it is unnecessarily digging a grave for itself. The non-compliance may invite unnecessary audits and can portray a bad reputation for the said firm.

Choosing the path that is best for the firm would be a favourable decision. Adhering to compliance makes a firm more reliable in the public eye. Compliance also helps organisations from any violations of rules and protects them from lawsuits.



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