About us

Empowering Success Through Expertise and Innovation

At Ma Foi, we believe in the power of transformation. Our journey began with the visionary spirit of Mr. K Pandiarajan and Mrs. Hemalatha Rajan, who sought to enhance the employability of fresh graduates and create a thriving talent pool for job seekers. This dream materialized into Ma Foi, a trailblazing HR company that revolutionized the industry with its value-driven approach, elevating job seekers from commodities to highly valued resources.

As the first Indian HR services company to venture into international markets, we’ve established operations in 14 countries across the globe, serving over 2,500 clients through our 122 offices. Our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to our clients have been the cornerstones of our success.

Ma Foi Strategic Consultants Private Limited, founded in 2012, is the natural evolution of our journey. Our core mission is to provide top-tier consulting advisory services to organizations seeking direction to achieve their goals. In a world where business conditions are constantly evolving, our seasoned experts are here to guide you in adapting to market dynamics and staying competitive.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Ma Foi, our purpose is to deliver tangible and sustainable results for our clients.

We achieve this by combining our expertise and experience with your unique insights. Throughout every assignment, from initial discovery to final delivery, we maintain the highest levels of professional rigor. Our commitment to excellence, client-centric approach, and deep industry knowledge make us your trusted partner in achieving your business goals.

Vision,Mision & Values

Vision: To deliver tangible and sustainable results for our clients by combining our expertise and experience with their insights.

Mission: We maintain the highest levels of professional rigour throughout every assignment, from the initial discovery phase to the final delivery. Our commitment to excellence, client-centric approach, and industry knowledge make us your trusted partner in achieving your business goals.

At Ma Foi, we don't just consult; we transform businesses and empower success. Join us on a journey of growth and innovation, where your success is our ultimate goal.

Our Expertise

We specialise in assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in developing business strategies that guarantee organisational success. Originally founded in 1992 as a recruiting company, Ma Foi expanded its services to consulting, leveraging the expertise of our senior consultants and business transformation experts.

Our team of business consultants comprises seasoned professionals who prioritise client service and delivery quality. They excel at negotiating and managing challenging projects, collaborating seamlessly with teams and businesses. At the core of our capability lies the art of enabling and sustaining change while creating frameworks for continuous improvement. We seamlessly integrate technology, industry best practices, and business consulting to provide comprehensive solutions for your business's unique needs.

Over the last 10 years, our business consulting team has successfully served more than 500 clients. With industry-specific expertise and deep functional experience, Ma Foi partners with companies to enhance their HR, payroll, and compliance processes while honing business growth and transformation strategies to achieve organisational imperatives.

Our D3 Approach

At Ma Foi, we live by three simple yet powerful words:

Discover, Differentiate, and Deliver is a philosophy that drives us to constantly innovate, adapt, and exceed expectations.

Discover: Unearthing Possibilities

We dig deep to understand our clients' unique needs and challenges. It's the stage where we unearth hidden opportunities, identify potential roadblocks, and create a solid foundation for informed decision-making. By delving deep into our clients' specific circumstances, we set the stage for crafting tailored solutions that perfectly align with their goals.

Differentiate: Tailoring Solutions

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead, we leverage our deep industry knowledge and expertise to tailor strategies and recommendations that set our clients apart from the competition. Our goal is to help our clients stand out, succeed, and thrive in their unique landscape.

Deliver: Brining Results to Life

We bring those solutions to life, ensuring our clients' success. Our team of seasoned professionals executes projects with precision, passion, and dedication, working alongside your team to implement strategies and effect change. Our commitment to delivering results is unwavering, and we measure our success by your success.

Our D3 approach guides everything we do, ensuring your path to success is clear and effective.

Our Management

Our Leadership Team

Our CSR Activities

We firmly believe that an organization’s triumph should be inherently tied to its commitment to societal well-being. Our multifaceted CSR approach revolves around empowering women, providing healthcare to children, and building education for deserving children. At Ma Foi, CSR is not a responsibility; it’s a privilege and a purpose that we wholeheartedly embrace.

We actively engage with Corporates for impactful CSR Programs in Skill Development through The Ma Foi Foundation . Our mission is to empower economically and socially marginalized students through diverse skill training programs. These initiatives encompass sectors like BFSI, Automobile, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail, Human Resource Management, Recruitment, and more. With over 100,000 families positively impacted, we have driven progress in Education, Healthcare, Sports, Women’s Empowerment, and Environmental initiatives.

Join us in our journey to create a better tomorrow through corporate CSR activities. Connect with The Ma Foi Foundation and be a part of the transformative change we bring to communities. Your actions today can shape a brighter future for all.


Empowering Possibilities Together