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To keep up with the rapidly changing patterns of customer preferences, market structures and rising competition, modern businesses need to be innovative in product and service delivery, nimble in operations, and lead the learning curve. Secondly, businesses in India, especially the small and medium sized ones see huge opportunities before them to grow by penetrating deeper into their existing markets, expanding into new markets and diversifying into new areas. Delivering changes that bring positive impact and impart competitive edge is a massive challenge today. The need for business growth consultants are on the rise to unleash a full-fledged growth mindset.

The key organisational needs to secure growth in the current business context are:

  • Customer focus to achieve and sustain business goals
  • Market orientation to build competitive edge
  • Organisational capabilities in terms of people, systems and process to drive growth

Our growth consulting model focuses on understanding your objectives and desired results. We undertake a collaborative and systematic approach to support organisations that are at various stages of growth namely, Creativity, Direction, Delegation, Coordination, Collaboration and Alliance. As a business growth consultant, We fix the strategic short falls in business through our advisory services, which includes market research, formulating corporate strategy, organisation structuring and design, and building agility in systems, process, and policies.

The growth consulting services at Ma Foi help organisations to fabricate their capabilities to optimise return on human capital by designing and deployment of assorted interventions related to manpower planning and optimisation, performance management systems, and talent management systems to attract, retain and engage talents.

Our broader approach or framework for devising effective strategic solution is detailed below:

  • Generating Business Hypothesis
  • Business context is studied to identify business opportunities which will lead to formulation of business hypotheses or ideas for further validation.
  • Exploring the Challenge
  • Internal and external data will be analyzed, root causes identified and business hurdles are mapped (in terms of external influences, business performance, internal structure and, people & culture) along with the related risk exposures, which will help us build strategic effectiveness.
  • Designing Solution
  • Solutions are designed through a collaborative approach by synthesizing the findings, this will help in building acceptance.
  • Execution
  • Under this step our focus will be on embedding and sustaining the solutions within the business context.

Ma Foi, one of the leading business growth consultant understands your challenges by taking into account the realities of time, market and money. All our proposed interventions/amendments will drive business results. Our growth consulting division uses well defined and structured engagement methodologies and tools are devised to ensure ideation, development and delivery of effective solutions within agreed timelines. Our professionals carry a varied range of industry experience which makes us your essential business partner in nurturing your business, across various stages of growth.


Case Study

Business Diversification and Entry Strategy for a Match Consortium

Ma Foi’s Strategic excellence helped a client to step into the landscaping and home gardening industry in the global marketplace by building a robust strategy backed by thorough data

Case Study

Marketing, Branding and Pricing Strategy for boosting the domestic business of an MSME enterprise by leveraging distribution channels

Ma Foi’s extensive market research and a sound strategic acumen helped a state-owned enterprise to identify important products, markets and channels to consolidate its business in India

Case Study

Delivering Investment Advisory through in-depth understanding of investor requirements/trends and extensive investor reach

Ma Foi’s structured intervention helped a leading taxi aggregator identify effective growth strategies, reach out to right investors and seek Equity Investments

Meet Our Team

Head of HRCM
Santhosh Nair
Adithya Narayan Misra

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