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Optimising return on human capital

“Employees are our most important asset”

Human capital strategies are often canvassed in the executive board room and are not implemented effectively. Inefficient ways of managing human capital can cost the organisations their competitive edge, jeopardising their own success and even survival.  Our team of experienced consultants help organisations to identify core measures that can be levered by the management team to increase the return on human capital and their performance.

Manpower planning & optimization

Organisations are often weighed down by legacy structure and practices which shrinks the overall productivity. We follow a scientific process of computing the manpower for positional and non-positional deployment. Positional manpower requirement is ascertained through defining the capacity, throughput and productivity of the organisation; and non-positional manpower are defined through a systematic analysis of the activities undertaken, the drivers of the activity and their volume, frequency of activities and standard time definition. We then deploy a dynamic manpower assessment tool which is responsive to business requirements and provide strategies for short, mid and long term manpower deployment based on criticality of the role.

Driving productivity through performance management systems

Managing performance is essential for organisation’s success and it goes beyond the appraisal process. Effective performance management impacts an individual’s delivery, response and reactions to the work environment and empowers the team to be successful in the short and long run. Our intervention has helped clients achieve:

  • Setting effective goals
  • Monitoring the progress
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Building an engaged team
  • Improving productivity
  • Establishing transparency
  • Planning for continuous improvement
  • Recognizing high performers
  • Developing strong leaders

Attracting, retaining and engaging talent

We are in a time where organisations fight not only for their share in the market size but also for the finite pool of talent. If organisationsdon’t have comprehensive systems and processes that can facilitate attraction, retention and engagement of talent, the top performers will be cherry-picked by their competitors. Organisations build their competitive edge through their people. If employee-turnover is overlooked, a conducive work environment is not created for the millennials and employees are not actively engaged, organisations will pay colossal cost in the form of depleting productivity. Our interventions can help you in identifying and fixing the pulse of your employees, to not only promote engagement but also cultivate employee loyalty in the long run.



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