Expanding Your Business Through Growth Consulting: An Overview

Published on: May 16, 2023

    A solid growth strategy is crucial for any firm to operate efficiently and better plan future growth. A business growth strategy is the organisation’s roadmap or plan for growing its goals by overcoming current and future challenges. But managing the services and expanding the business is no walk in the park. You not only require a concrete growth plan that includes a viable growth strategy but also an expert business growth consultant who can make all the difference by recognizing opportunities for internal process improvement and growth potential as well. 

    This article will highlight the importance of a business growth consultant, its benefits and the steps to choose the right one for business needs. 

    What Is a Business Growth Consultant?

    A business growth consultant is an expert mentor who focuses on understanding the company’s objectives and required goals. Furthermore, a consultant recognises its key challenges and provides a rock-solid plan that generates results and drives financial growth. 

    What types of consultants are in demand in India?

    Various types of business consulting services are in high demand in India. Some of the popular are as mentioned below:-

    #1 Strategy Consultants

    This type of business growth consultant is the one who looks at the company’s long-term goals and decides a better way for the company to achieve those goals. Furthermore, these consultants work with a firm’s top executives, assessing how they have allocated their resources and taking into consideration how new markets might fit into the picture.

    #2 IT or Technology Consultants

    As the name implies, these consultants help businesses transform their technology usage. They will focus on enhancing business processes, maximising costs and the use of technological opportunities, among other objectives. 

    #3 Sales and Marketing Consultants

    These types of consultants help businesses in developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies. They use various techniques to raise awareness of a product or service among potential customers and convince them to buy it. Moreover, they can assist complete marketing departments or consult with small businesses without marketing experience. And are specialized in B2B or B2C marketing skills, which use different methodologies.

    #4 Human Resources Consultants 

    They are also called Human Capital, which provides advice to businesses on human resource policies. Assist in employee training, benefits administration, and creating goals. They also make sure that the compliance procedures for personnel information are up to date and that the workflow for front-line supervisors is optimised.

    What Do Growth Strategy Consultants Do?

    A growth strategy consultant helps the business in achieving sustainable growth with a well-planned and executable growth plan strategy. In this way, businesses not only achieve increasing sales but also enhance their growth capacities by leveraging their expertise and helping to build the infrastructure to promote growth. They will examine the following factors in your business:-

    • Analyse failures
    • Target Opportunities
    • Assess if you are meeting customer’s needs
    • Analyze competitor’s strategies
    • Examine disruptive technology
    • Find solid ways to gain extra profit from paid assets. 
    • Model long-term vision

    Why Hire Growth Strategy Consultants?

    Every business owner wants their company to flourish and grow exponentially but at the same time, they have to deal with certain problems. Therefore, they need to hire growth strategy consultants for several reasons. Such as:-

    • In Early Stage Growth Strategies

    Most businesses found it incredibly difficult and time intensive to get initial sales and gain brand recognition. Here growth strategy consultants try to save the cost by cutting back on spending but would also generate more income. They use their expertise to build and implement sales programs or customer growth initiatives. 

    • Matured Growth Strategies

    With mature companies, the issues can be more complex as sales or growth may plateau. Suddenly mature companies seem to be stagnating and sales are beginning to flatten. The consultant will help you to analyze the obstacles and assist you in overcoming them. 

    • In Growing businesses and their growth strategies

    Lastly, some businesses are growing and sales may be growing rapidly, making it difficult to keep up with demand. However, during this time, it's easy to lose sight of the various products, supply chains and inbounds that keep the business running. A Growth Strategy consultant can help you manage your growth and build a foundation for your business to scale. This way, your business will be prepared for unexpected surges in demand and can achieve sustainable growth in the future.

    Additionally, hiring a consultant can reduce the risk of failed growth initiatives, more stable margins, and a clear growth strategy for growth in business. 

    Why Should Small Businesses Consider Business Consulting Services?

    Successfully running and managing a small business is hard work. And one of the biggest mistakes companies make is trying to keep their business going without the benefit of a repeatable sales process.

    The business growth consultant can help the business in executing the proper strategy and finding the employees with the right skill set so that the company can attract the right audience and discover new revenue streams. 

    How To Choose the Right Business Growth Consultant To Partner With  

    Ma Foi is the leading business consulting firm which has a rich history of helping small and medium businesses with the right business strategy consultant. They understand the business objectives and goals and hire strategy consultants that help business leaders make decisions about the best way to grow their businesses. They do this by providing a well-structured framework that takes into account all of the data and implementation plans. This way, they offer holistic growth of businesses. Whether you are looking for the best consultants in Hyderabad or any other city, either help in HR services or business operations, their consultants are experts in fine-tuning business growth and transformation strategies. 

    Mention 5 Proven Growth Strategies 

    There are 5 time-tested strategies for growing a company. These are as follows:-

    • Increase Market Penetration

    This strategy involves selling more products to the same consumer group. 

    • Develop New Markets

    This strategy involves offering your existing services to a new market. For instance, let’s say that today your business is offering regulatory compliance consulting services to commercial food packaging companies. Well, offering these same services to any unrelated or related industry, like the consumer food industry, is an example of this strategy in action. 

    • Develop Alternative Distribution Channels

    Traditional consumer products companies sometimes use alternative distribution channels to promote products in saturated markets. For instance, if its competitors are distributing through retail channels, a company may decide to market their products directly to end consumers using direct response. Affinity marketing and multilevel sales organizations are other common examples of alternative channels.

    • Develop New Services

    This strategy involves developing completely new services that your company doesn’t offer currently. For example, no two clients have identical needs, so professional service firms offer tailored services. 

    • New Services to New Markets 

    This involves offering new services to new markets, perhaps the riskiest growth strategy. It combines the challenges of developing and launching new services with the costs of cultivating a new market and uncertainty. 

    5 Benefits of Hiring a Business Growth Consultant

    #1 Clear and Unbiased Perspective

    It often happens in businesses that the owners are not able to identify and tackle the real problems. Business growth consultants can help the organisation overcome this challenge as they have the expertise and skills to see the big picture. 

    #2 Deep Insights and Relevant Experience

    If you're looking for someone to help you grow your business, you'll want to consider a business growth consultant. These consultants have usually spent years in leadership positions in large companies. Many of them are entrepreneurs who have experience in building businesses, while others are investors who know how to spot a business's potential. In either case, your online business consultant should come to the table with a wealth of experience and insights that you can take advantage of.

    #3 Cost Reduction and Time-Saving in The Long Run 

    Business consultants' expertise justifies their rates by making the business more profitable. Furthermore, identify structural and other process-related issues that save the time of organization in the long run. 

    #4 Access to Valuable Tools & Resources

    Whether it's about subscriptions, the latest market research or about cutting-edge tools, growth consultants come in a complete package with all kinds of valuable resources. 

    #5 Customized and Result-Oriented Approach

    Business consultants take the proper time to learn about the challenges and needs of businesses and then tailor their advice and strategic action plans according to the unique business challenges and goals. Moreover, they also focus on a result-oriented approach, ensuring the companies set the right goals and milestones and KPIs for performance measurement and strategy updates. 


    The use of business growth strategy consultants is an important part of planning your company’s growth in the future. A business growth strategy consultant can help your company to scale, streamline your portfolio, focus your growth and acquire new markets. In other words, a business growth strategy consultant can help take your business to the next level.

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