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Strategic Advisory Services

Progressive businesses are always focused on achieving growth, optimizing operational efficiencies and continual innovation. The strategy consultants of Ma Foi help business leaders to navigate through the complex array of strategic avenues in today’s business environment. By delivering a well-structured strategic framework backed by comprehensive data and action-oriented implementation plans emphasizing on accountability, Ma Foi’s business strategy consultant offers practical solutions that drive the holistic growth of a business.

Vision, Mission and Value Workshop

Our professionals work closely with business leaders through a workshop to arrive at a shared sense of purpose and direction, which is a key ingredient for collaborative work and performance at organisational, functional and team level.

  • Vision is an ambitious statement, which articulates where the organisation want to be years down the line.
  • Mission defines the core purpose of the business, the reason for its existence.
  • Values are principles and believes, collectively agreed ways of behaving to connect with each other. Value could be core or aspirational in nature.

Having clarity on what we want to become, who we are and what we value can help the organisation align its strategy and goals, while allowing it to continuously re-invent, thrive and sustain performance in the ever-more complex and competitive business environment.

Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy

We assist businesses to venture into new markets such as geographies, customer segments, industry sectors and products by systematically unfolding the complexities of the marketplace. We conduct detailed market study to create a comprehensive picture of current and prospective future opportunities for the business owners. We help them identify their target customer segments and design value propositions which appeal to the prospective customer and tie in with the company strengths. We focus on building pragmatic solutions and crafting robust strategies.

Business continuity plan

When encountered with unexpected business disruptions, organisations must react promptly and logically to continue operations. We help our clients in analysing and identifying business priorities and risks, assessing the business impact, and formulate strategies for recovery and development.

Building agility in business operations

Operational agility, speed and responsiveness are at the core of successful organisations. We assist businesses to re-engineer their business processes by streamlining processes, establish process benchmarks, institutionalising management operating systems (transparency), optimising engagement (accountability), and minimising effort (traceability); thereby facilitating enhanced collaboration within the organization. We ensure value creation at every step of a business process through systematic elimination of non-value added activities and improving turnaround time with minimal documentation requirements. We also assist organisations during the implementation process with structured training programmes, process measurements and reliability testing and periodic audits. The whole initiative is driven with an objective to generate better customer experience, reduced cost, and improved operative metrics & margins.

HR Strategy and Advisory

Ma Foi believes that HR services and/or strategies must be derived and aligned to the organisation’s short term and long-term strategies. Hence under HR Strategy assignments, our professionals work in close conjunction with the client to understand the organization’s goals and core values and identify human resource needs for the present and future. Generally, our HR strategy and advisory interventions are related to drawing, retaining, developing, motivating, deploying, and engaging human resources and their competencies for effective functioning and growth of the organisation.

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