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About Ma Foi Business Consulting Services

Ma Foi’s business consulting company has a rich history of helping small and medium businesses pick up momentum with the right business strategies. Established in 1992 as a recruiting company, Ma Foi expanded its services to help businesses across the globe with its pool of experts and business transformation wizards.

The team of MaFoi management consultants has served more than 400 clients in the last eight years, and the client portfolio keeps growing.  With its industry-specific, deep functional expertise, Ma Foi’s management consulting services aim at delivering tangible and scalable results for the clients.

Ma Foi’s business process consulting services focus on helping companies improve their HR, Legal and Compliance processes, and fine-tune the business growth and transformation strategies.

Why Choose us

Add Growth and Sustainability to your Business, with Ma Foi Business Consultanting Services

If you are about to start a business or are looking to scale up your business, small business consulting services are here to help.

We are one of the best management consulting firms, and have experts and experienced minds on board that understand your requirement and chalk out the right strategies that work the best for your business.

Being a leading business consultancy company, we have industry experts empanelled in our team who go through your existing business strategy minutely and become the operational backbone of your company by giving you beneficial and practical advice and showing the right path towards business excellence. They help you arrive at the right strategies, build new systems or improve existing ones, lay down new processes or enhance the current set. They help you generate greater value to your stakeholders.

If you are a business facing a crisis, we have the experts in legal, HR, and strategy to get you up and rolling again ensuring your business keeps outperforming. Our risk management team is adept at foreseeing the possible business risks and crafting the business transformation agenda saving you from the wrath of possible loss of money or human resources.

Our Services

Business Growth and Transformation

Businesses today are striving to survive in the much-cluttered competitive digital space. The ever-changing customer preferences and market structures add to the stagnation of small and medium businesses. Our small business consulting panel aims at helping these businesses penetrate the mainstream market and help them grow their profits by leaps and bounds.

Our business growth and transformation services solely focus on revamping their business strategies after neck-deep research about the market structure and the likes of their target audience. We have industry experts who take up each project based on their expertise and utilize their knowledge and years of experience to help create a sustainable and skyrocketing business.

People and Culture

A mismanaged and unhappy workforce can lead a business towards destruction. Even with impeccable talent onboard, companies fail to create a long-lasting profitable business, simply because people do not stick to them for long Losing skilled employees not only deteriorates your services but also negatively affects your brand image.

Ma Foi Management consultants have HR experts help you set up employee-friendly policies and strategies that motivate your workforce to stay with the organization and give in their best. With an encouraging and attractive work culture, you create a positive ambience for each of your employees and hence, set the stage for the betterment of your business. Our leadership program focuses on cultivating the right managerial mindset in each of the employees and gives them a sense of ownership towards the organization.

Legal and Compliance Service

Legal and compliance literacy is most important to run a business. Not having enough awareness about the same is the most common reason why many businesses end up in a legal crisis that could have been avoided. This disrupts the business and also tarnishes the brand image among the stakeholders.

Our team of legal and compliance experts helps businesses like these with the rightful resources and guidance that keep all the unwanted complications at bay. We ensure that our experts give out advice that suits the nature of your business. Our legal and compliance services free up your business from routine legal and compliance matters while you drive your business forward without any legal roadblocks and unwanted compliance challenges.

Industries We Serve

We work in partnership with our clients towards achieving the common business goal. Therefore, we have a pool of experts who have years of experience in helping businesses get steady from scratch. Over the years, we have had clients from various business verticals across the globe. Our impeccable services have made us one of the best business management consulting firms in India.

In particular, we are proficient in handling business consulting services for the following industries:

Location We Serve

We manage our global clients through the offices located at:

Ready to revamp your business and take it to new heights? The expert team of one of the leading Indian management consulting companies is eagerly waiting to nurture your business to full bloom!

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Started in 1992, grew to be the largest in India, 400+ consulting assignments in the last 8 years >>>


Promoted by serial entrepreneurs Mr. K Pandiarajan, Mrs. Latha Rajan>>>

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values - Deliver tangible and sustainable results for clients by combining our expertise and experience with client’s insights.

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Group Companies

Ma Foi Analytics is a venture of 20 year old Ma Foi Etude, a leading name >>>

Our Services


Ma Foi’s strategy consultants help business leaders to navigate through the complex array of strategic avenues in today’s business environment. By delivering a well-structured strategic


To keep up with the rapidly changing patterns of customer preferences, market structures and rising competition, modern businesses need to be innovative in product and service delivery,


Ma Foi with its decades of extensive experience sees organisation as a combination of three elements namely Skills, Capability and Leadership.Indeed, all these three elements emerge from


Progressive businesses are always focused on achieving growth, optimizing operational efficiencies and continual innovation. The business strategy consultants o


Building a strong and successful compliance and risk management system is the main objective of many companies. Without a compliance management system


Role of HR Managers in the corporate world has widened over the past decades to comprehensively cover efficient management of the entire life cycle of employees within the organization.


Frequently Asked Questions

Business consulting means seeking advice from professionals about business strategies and how to strengthen one’s business. The business world is dynamic and ever-evolving. Business people need to maintain a steady pace in the business sphere. For that, many business consulting services are operating to help in business growth and development.

Business consultants in India guide you through a path of business success. They have various roles to play, and one of the most critical roles is administrative conveyance. This means helping out business clients in legal ways to choose amongst the best contracts. This strengthens the company and the client. There are several business consultancy companies in India that help business enthusiasts establish them firmly.

The main services included in the consulting business are very important to run a business successfully. The services that are provided are Finance Management, Organisational Management, Risk Management. They also guide you through the reviews and audits, which is an essential part of a business.

There are many business consulting services provided by many business consulting companies. One such business consulting company is Ma Foi. We are very capable of guiding you through exemplary business strategies and help you expand your business with visible growth.

There are many good business consulting firms in India. Ma Foi is one of them. We are extremely good at what they do. Our main aim is to provide complete client satisfaction. The team at Ma Foi consists of strategists who work along with the client and deliver the growth and development of a business.

Business process consulting keeps an extra eye on your business and helps you in finding ways to make yourself stand out. They are not only skilled business consultants but are also well versed with management consulting services as well.

The main elements of a business process are swim lane dividers, flow objects, connectors, and artifacts.

These are methods of improving the efficiency of the management consulting firms by making slight changes in the processes. Some of the optimizations that can be made are- Eliminating redundant ideas, making the workflow streamlined, improving communication among employees, and making predictable changes.

The benefits provided by a business consultant should be looked into. It is very important for a firm to receive independent advice which can be provided by a business consultant. There are many agencies working as business consultancy services. There are also freelance business consultants that can be hired.



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