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Ma Foi was founded by entrepreneurs Mr. K. Pandiarajan and Mrs. Hemalatha Rajan in the year 1992 as a recruiting company. In a matter of a few years, Ma Foi transformed into a full-fledged business consulting house. Ma Foi has successfully delivered over 400 assignments in the last 8 years, serving clients across countries.

Ma Foi today offers consulting services in the areas of Business growth and transformation, People and culture, Legal and compliance service with focus on the below three key drivers:

  1. To help organisations, especially the Small and Medium Enterprises in picking the right strategies for business growth, chalking out the transformation agenda, offering solutions that can take away the drudgery of repetitive yet essential tasks in HR, Legal and Compliance processes, action-planning the strategies and seeing them through
  2. To deliver value by combining our deep functional expertise with the insights of our clients and our experience of what works and what doesn’t
  3. To maintain high levels of professional rigour all through an assignment right from the discovery to the final bits of delivery

Started in 1992, grew to be the largest in India, 400+ consulting assignments in the last 8 years >>>


Promoted by serial entrepreneurs Mr. K Pandiarajan, Mrs. Latha Rajan>>>

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values - Deliver tangible and sustainable results for clients by combining our expertise and experience with client’s insights.

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Group Companies

Ma Foi Analytics is a venture of 20 year old Ma Foi Etude, a leading name >>>

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Ma Foi’s strategy consultants help business leaders to navigate through the complex array of strategic avenues in today’s business environment. By delivering a well-structured strategic


To keep up with the rapidly changing patterns of customer preferences, market structures and rising competition, modern businesses need to be innovative in product and service delivery,


Ma Foi with its decades of extensive experience sees organisation as a combination of three elements namely Skills, Capability and Leadership.Indeed, all these three elements emerge from



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