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TrainingMa Foi India’s largest HR Consulting brand has partnered with the Global leadership training provider -Lead Strategic Development private limited, subsidiary of Lead international.

LEAD offers leadership business training solutions around the client’s strategic people development needs. LEAD’s executive network along with our partner companies have developed and delivered a variety of unique training solutions for Indian and international organizations. Founded 13 years ago, LEAD International is a Management Training Company positioned in the international leadership, talent development, of the global corporate, institutions and NGOs organizational training market. LEAD has the proven capability to design, develop, and roll-out customized management development blended learning training programs world-wide on a large scale to a consistent high quality with strong central control – in any language, to any location and on any management topic and level.

Lead Believes in  – Developing effective leaders who live with integrity and purpose, positively impacting their organizations and communities.

Our Belief – People are our most important legacy.
Our Desire – Success for our Customers.
Our View – Today’s solutions rarely meet tomorrow’s needs.
Our Plan – To journey with clients through leadership culture change.
Our Aim: Direct application to business impact.

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