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Role of HR Managers in the corporate world has widened over the past decades to comprehensively cover efficient management of the entire life cycle of employees within the organization.

The COVID – 19 has changed the playing field and the role has become tougher in the post pandemic world. HR Managers are required to think about the future of work and the workplace, strategize the business continuity plan, rebuild the human capabilities and the brand after taking unprecedented measures of furlough, layoffs and reduction of workforce. Keeping existing and critical resources engaged and safe, supporting employees mentally and emotionally, upskilling or reskilling employees on the skills necessary to navigate an increasingly digitized workplace are paramount for the organisational success.

In the above context, with an objective to relieve HR team’s time for more strategic focus, manage business with a lean team, reduce cost, or to bring in more expertise, many organisations have chosen to outsource their HR operations. 

Ma Foi (a pioneer in the HR industry) with its team of seasoned HR professionals carrying a combined years of experience of over 5 decades provides the HR outsourcing solutions. The solutions are customized to suit the requirements of the clients.

These solutions can be as specific as outsourcing one particular aspect of HR function—such as candidate assessment or as broad as outsourcing the entire human resource department where the company gets their transactional and transformational requirements fulfilled through our professionals.

Birds eye view of our intervention, in the case of outsourcing of entire HR department is given below:


Transformational interventions are one time interventions where we help our clients in defining their systems, process and procedures. This could include everything from drafting HR policies to designing PMS. Transactional interventions are more to do with managing the day to day affairs of HR in an efficient manner.

Illustrative transactional intervention:

The delivery is supported either in house (Client location) or remotely through e HR services platforms.

nandhaNandakumar Manavalan
Vice President

Head of HRCM

Vasu Rao
Managing Consultant

krithikaDr. Krithika
Assessment/Development Center Expert



Frequently Asked Questions

HR consulting is basically about considering a third opinion to expand and strategize the growth and development of a business. They basically solve problems that are causing the firm's loss and pushing them towards a deficit.

A firm does not need to hire individual employees if they hire an HR resources consultant. This significantly reduces the cost spent on employees. There are many benefits in hiring HR consulting companies. Some of them are- to keep a check on performance reviews, goal setting, and managing all the benefits.

One must choose the best HR consultant firm which can help one’s business to grow and flourish. After the pandemic, the HR services should be hired as the main aim should be to save the company from the uncertainty and financial crunch of these times.

There are many benefits of HR outsourcing services. Some of them are as follows

  • The focus of HR outsourcing services is to focus on the tasks that generate massive revenue for a firm.
  • This can also help in saving precious time, and all the burden of paperwork is significantly reduced.
  • It also reduces employer liabilities

Many HR services provide benefits to the firms they work for. With the help of outsourcing HR services, the companies can focus on core competence and try to enhance it further without sending any single penny.

There are many HR consultancy services in the city of Chennai that offer top-rated consulting services and HR Solutions. Ma Foi consulting services is one of the best-rated consultancy services operating in Chennai, India.



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