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CSR Activities of Ma Foi Group

Sornammal Trust

(Self-Help Initiative)


  • Initiative that focuses on improving the livelihood of women & empower them
  • Focuses on organizing women into groups with income generating activities


  • Partnering 57,000 Women
  • Over 60,000 women have been organized into 4200 self-help groups
  • Offered skill training for 36,000 people
  • The network also supports 200 NGOs


(Health Focused Initiative)


  • An Initiative that creates awareness & provides support with respect to various health issues that affect children.
  • Focuses on providing primary, secondary, tertiary surgical & medical care and services to children below 18 years


  • Touched 1,20,000 Children
  • Reached out to more than 1200 children who were in need of hospitalization support
  • More than 80,000 children screened so far in camps
  • Rs. 20 Mn spent towards medical support through medicine, lab investigations , equipments, manpower and support of secondary and tertiary care in private hospitals


(Education Focused Initiative)


  • An outreach program that provides scholarships to children in order to help them complete their education till their graduation.


  • 3,800 children received scholarship from Disha
  • Disha Tuition Centres for academically backward children.
  • Life Skill Training
  • Disha Sports Academy trains poor children in football and boxing
  • 4000 children are studying in Disha Kalvi Maiyam run in villages.