Top 9 Management Consulting Ideas In India In 2021

Published on: July 20, 2021

    In the present day, the management consulting industry is valued at 132 billion USD. This huge, especially profitable industry keeps developing globally, with industry hotspots situated in the UK and the US. To begin with, a consultancy business is a type of business that doesn’t require a whole lot of finance. The complete knowledge regarding the field is sufficient to start the lead. What is Management Consultancy? Management consultancy services offer professional guidance in the field of interest of the client's organization. The fundamental goal of a consultancy firm is to assist businesses to obtain their desired goals through learning. According to a last year's report by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), the consulting enterprise in India constitutes 6000 consultancy companies in metropolitan cities. Additionally, the report claimed that this industry has 2000 R&D establishments and laboratories assisting those companies. Also, it is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 30%. Different sorts of consulting services are available that are offered by professionals in India or around the world to assist businessmen in different fields. Moreover, certain consultancies are important for every enterprise. Here are the top 9 management consulting ideas for you to kick-start your consulting career or to learn from to add a competitive advantage to your consultancy business:
    • Team Development Consultant – Employers all around the world wish for their personnel to be the best performers and work collectively seamlessly. An external expert's advice for team development and leadership guidance can assist organizations to achieve this purpose.
    • Management Consultancy – Consultancies like Strategic and Functional Planning, Management Contracts and Proposals, Client Company's Financial Management, Net Profit Planning, Management and Operations, Project and Office Administration, and Employee Training and management comes under Management Consultancy. A business management consultant provides strategic, impartial, and target-oriented services that help an organization in enhancing productiveness and performance.
    • Advertising Consulting – If you are confident in your skills of developing advertising campaign strategies that could get widespread popularity, then you can look forward to becoming an advertising consultant. Advertising is crucial to any developing enterprise. That is why every manufacturer wants to effectively promote their enterprise to the masses.
    • Human Resource Consultancy – Human Resource Consultancy constitutes nearly everything associated with Human resources in the organization. That comprises nationwide along with global cross-industry Recruitment, HR Audit, Performance Evaluations, Policies and Processes, Job assessments, Recruitment Services, etc. An HR Consultant additionally provides solutions to the customers concerning the productive use of manpower and cost-reducing measures they could employ.
    • IT Consultancy – Major business giants operating in India come under the class of IT Consultancy, like Infosys, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services, and lots of others. This field of consultancy garners an extensive profile and provides lots of opportunities for experts in this field. It includes Management and Operation of IT systems, IT Strategy, Development and feedback, Infrastructure Planning, Business Continuity Strategy, Contractual and Legal guidance, and more.
    • Legal & Accounting Consultancy – A Legal Consultant is accountable to deal with the organization’s all of the legal matters like registrations works, intellectual property deals, licenses, contracts and agreements, insurance policies, sales and income, acquisitions and taxes, etc. An Accounting Consultant analyzes the assets and vulnerabilities of the enterprise. Along with that, they also keep in check the organization's investments, records of book-keeping, accounting and balance sheets, earnings and losses, internal or external audits, etc.
    • Marketing Consultancy – Areas such as Strategic Planning, Research and Analytics, Brand Development, Audience Management, Product Development, online and offline Marketing, Process Analysis, and International Business dealings come under the field of Marketing Consultancy. A Marketing Consultant's job is to assist their customer to pinpoint the market segment, implement appropriate positioning and targeting, structure a pricing method, and establish an assessment process. If you've got substantial marketing knowledge and tactics, you can become a marketing consultant and offer your skills to corporations. You can turn to smaller corporations, to begin with, that don’t have a committed marketing team and provide your services.
    • Career Consultancy – Career consultancy is a field of consultancy that offers many types of services to people. This includes evaluating the customers' needs, generating resumes and other associated documents, teaching interviewing skills, helping in job hunting, recommending educational platforms, and so on. This is a self-employed field of job and anybody can earn a fortune if they can construct a good client base. To get started with this, you have to search for an efficient consultancy market technology.
    • Retail Consultancy – The job of a Retail consultant is to offer their services in devising a retail strategy for the customer's stores or other sorts of retail businesses. The main purpose is to boom income by attracting more and more people to the shop and convincing them about the products there. The field of retail consultancy might also include dealing with promotions, merchandising, shop design, location, or even a few workers.
    Conclusion Consultancy is an amazing business, to begin with, and to guide the customers to prosper in their industry. Besides, it is relatively simpler since it calls for little to no investment or infrastructure. Also, there are certain sorts of consultancies that are ideal to run from the consolation of the home.

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