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nandhaMa Foi has been a career launch pad to many since 1992 and Im one of the lucky few to be a long timer, this has helped me in my all round development, both as an individual as well a professional. This by itself is a testimonial to Ma Foi’s culture and practices. The spirit of Ma Foi has been largely defined and embodied by the team. Ma Foi invests time to build industry knowledge among its consultants and continuously works towards delivering higher value to its Client organisations. Its been a rewarding journey so far.

Nandakumar Manavalan – Vice President

sentilMaFoi has always given me the diversified professional experience & freedom to do perform in various platform which is very rare to get under single corporation.. Be it Analytics, Strategy Consulting, Education, Elearning & Governance.  This diversified experience gave me opportunities to connect with various internal & external leaders across the industry and great learning experience.. Looking forward to have more new experiences, challenges & opportunities in MaFoi

Senthil Raja –Business Head – TECHNOLOGY & ELEARNING

garima“Being one of the first consultants at Ma Foi has given me a vast opportunity to learn, unlearn, innovate and excel in every initiative and project I do. It is truly an experiential journey both personally and professionally. Ma Foi is a great place to work where your ideas are welcomed, encouraged, thought through and executed, be it a framework to approach a project or planning a festive activity. We definitely are a big family, diversified yet united, growing at a fast pace and creating a knowledge pool. Warmth, Support and Direction given by senior management and colleagues is highly motivating.”

Garima Jyoti, Senior Consultant

pro“In the short time I’ve been with Ma Foi, I’ve found the staff to be very welcoming and interested in my success. The diversity of work and the wide scope of learning that I receive from my colleagues are invaluable. I enjoy cross-discipline interaction and collaboration with talented coworkers. I know my hard work is noticed and appreciated.”

Shivanshu Dev, Business Analyst

BANU“My last three years of working in Ma Foi has indeed been an enriching experience. I have always had opportunities to take up responsibilities, and challenges to learn and grow. Quality work, learning opportunities, and joyful environment are the key motivators for me to work with Ma Foi.  As an organization, it helps me to move towards my goals and provides great opportunities to develop my technical and leadership skills.”

Banu, Head of HRCM


Jayanth“I am absolutely thrilled and proud to be a part of Ma Foi. The best thing about Ma Foi is the integrity with which they work. Very often, the team goes the extra mile if it benefits the client. The working atmosphere is very welcoming and I loved it from the first moment I stepped into the office. There is a lot of energy, enthusiasm and positivity around you and it’s a great place to work. Ample opportunities are provided to give exposure and enhance learning across domains. I feel like I’m part of a team which wants to make a real difference by delivering high quality work.”

Jayanth Satheesh, Consultant

joe“Ma Foi is built on a work ethos of integrity, performance, competence, client success and joy at work. The work we do with clients and colleagues from diverse sectoral, functional and technical background is challenging and intellectually stimulating. At Ma Foi, people feel appreciated and are recognized for their dedication and smart work. Happy to be a part of Ma Foi Family”

Joe Prasanna, Principal Consultant

pro“I started out at Ma Foi 3 years back. Being a consultant, it is very important to expand the horizons and learn new ways and methodologies, and Ma Foi provides the perfect blend. I have enjoyed the work I do at this amazing company. There is no typical day here, something challenging always keeps coming up, giving way to many opportunities to learn both professionally and personally.”

Anjali A, Consultant- HRCM



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