Double Your Consulting Sales

Published on: August 19, 2021

    Isn't it tiring trying to constantly demonstrate your value to potential consulting clients? Wouldn’t it be a lot less complicated when you needn’t leap through hoops simply to prove that you could assist them? The greater the value your potential customers associate with you, the greater they will be ready to work with you, and the greater they may be inclined to put money on you. So promoting consulting services not only calls for understanding a way to promote and sell your business, but also a way to qualify customers for your specific services. Both will let you save time and result in higher outcomes, that is, to finalize the deal and winning new or repeat projects. So what can you do? How can you exhibit value before you effectively start working with your customer? The following are two strategic techniques to assert your value as a consultant which will not just improve your consulting sales but aid you in increasing your consulting charges to a higher level as well.
    • Enhance your 'Value' Conversation Capability – Your preliminary conversations with potential clients are one of the best chances to display your consulting value to them. So start by having the “value” conversation with them. Ask them meaningful, more significant Pick out the tangible and intangible value your knowledge can provide for your client. For instance, you can call for a 30-minute conversation with them about the crucial elements your prospects can provide for their enterprise this week. Often, by answering your value-based questions, your customer might reflect upon matters they initially never considered. So your questions might be insightful and might prove to be valuable for the client to pay attention to and reflect upon. The value conversation additionally allows you to enhance your consulting charges. By discovering the economic value of the project, you could demand a percentage of the monetary upside rather than arbitrary means like hourly billing or project-based charges.
    • Create Intellectual Property – Another effective approach to add value to potential customers is through your intellectual property. Intellectual property is content material that displays your knowledge. Additionally, it is beneficial for your prospective customers. You can simply start writing, podcasting, or making videos, whatever the medium is. But you must spend a minimum of 25 minutes each day working on your intellectual property. And each time you are making something new, promote it: in your LinkedIn profile, with previous customers, other key individuals in your industry, and so on. When customers reach out to you due to your intellectual property, they already recognize you, realize your potential, and trust you. They will already value you before you’ve taken the initiative to display it. This can create a supreme position for you to be in, that can make all of your consulting sales simpler.
    Besides these two supreme approaches, there are a few more valuable tips that can effectively surge your consulting sales:
    • Call your customers often – Frequently calling your existing customers and asking about their well-being is the easiest approach to having new commissions. Your call might create a reminder for the client into contemplating any need or problem for which you may offer them the solution.
    • Establish connections with multiple individuals in the customer’s organization – Familiarize with more people that recognize and trust you. This way you’ll have a greater opportunity of serving the client for many more years.
    • Start by selling small – The more complicated the service, the more will the client hesitate to accept it. By promoting something small and easy to buy at first instead of the whole package, you can begin your client-seller relationship based on trust before promoting something more extensive.
    • Identify disruptions – All forms of disruptions in customers’ businesses are opportunities. Changes in the operational team, losses in a few criteria, the appearance of a new competitor, etc. are all examples of conditions in which customers will require aid.
    • Recruit new minds from different industries – Sometimes consultants specializing in a specific industry may turn narrow-minded. So search for and associate with innovative individuals from different industries. Offer fresh, inclusive services that stick out from your conventional competitors’ offerings.
    • Research and come up with suitable ideas – There are lots of suitable business books and research papers available that you may use as a suggestion for your business. Legitimate sources can verify your claims of value and advantages that your service can offer.
    • Productize your consulting service – Service productization implies the systematic orientation of your advertising and service procedures. A systematized method is repeatable and turns increasingly efficient each time. A productized service is less complicated to communicate and sell due to the fact the client receives a concrete insight into the advantages and outcomes that you may produce.
    • Be honest and transparent – Being truthful not only ensures your chances to obtain greater promising leads but also brings in new prospects. Disclosing your qualification technique with your customers indicates a sincere and transparent business practice, and provides them self-assurance from the outset.
    We know consulting is all about value, be it actual or perceived. By leveraging the mentioned strategic techniques, you’ll enhance both. The greater value you exhibit, the greater value your customers will be interested to invest in your services.  

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