[2023]An Complete Guide About Human Capital Management(HCM)

Published on: August 2, 2023

    Planning to implement Human Capital Management in your workplace environment? Well, this might be one of your best decisions. With a proper HCM system, you will face no hindrance in driving your organisation towards success.  You will also be able to provide a suitable environment for the employees to work in. So, let's have a look at what HCM is all about and how beneficial it is for your organisation

    What is Human Capital?

    What is Human Capital - Ma Foi
      Human capital is the economic value of a worker's skills, experience, ability, and knowledge. Human capital is a very important asset for the success of your organisation. It brings economic value to your organisation and can also be measured in terms of ROI.

    What is Human Capital Management(HCM)?

    Human Capital Management(HCM) - Ma Foi
      Human Capital Management includes various tools and technologies that can be used to recruit, train, and retain employees. Organisations depend on Human Capital Management to allocate resources to different jobs so that the business operations can be carried out easily. With HR management, the different gaps in employability can be mitigated, and proper focus can be put on recruitment efforts so that the business goals can easily be reached. HCM practices can also be used to develop a strong workplace culture that promotes employee commitment and encourages employees to give their best while at work.

    What are the components of HCM?

    Components of HCM - Ma Foi
      An HCM system consists of multiple components, each serving a specific function. The various  components of HCM include:
    • Recruitment
    • Onboarding
    • Payroll
    • Time and Attendance
    • Benefits and retirement services
    • Talent management
    • Training
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Compliance

    What are the Key Benefits of Human Capital Management(HCM)?

    Key Benefits of Human Capital Management(HCM) - Ma Foi

    There are multiple benefits of the human resource management system

    • It allows you to get maximum value from your employees. You can find the right employees for your job and increase productivity. 
    • The overall employee satisfaction rate will increase with the proper implementation of HR Services. You will also be able to improve the retention rate of the employees. 
    • The recruiting process can be carried out smoothly and effectively. There is also a better chance of acquiring greater ROI for your human capital investment.
    • You will be able to promote employee development at your workplace, thereby improving the satisfaction level of your employees.
    • HCM is also quite important for maintaining hr compliance in India.

    Why is Human Capital Management Important?

    Why is Human Capital Management Important - Ma Foi

    Human Capital Management is critical to the success of your business. It can affect your employees in different ways.

    With proper utilisation of the human capital management system, you will find it easy to change your workplace demographic. You can also get your work done in a remote environment. There will be an increase in compliance regulations. You will also find acquiring the right employees for your workplace easier.

    You can use different tools and technologies in HRMS to train employees to constantly upgrade their skills and contribute to the betterment of the organisation. You will also find it really to retain the employees and your company will reach the peak of success in no time.

    Differences between HCM and HRM

    Differences between HCM and HRM - Ma Foi

    HRM mainly focuses on managing systems that allow employees to complete their jobs effectively. HCM, on the other hand, improves the economic value of the employees to a company. While HRM attends to the various HR requirements which are crucial to the success of businesses, HCM offers the employees with multiple benefits. Together, HCM and HRM can offer a company tremendous growth and success over a short tenure.

    How Human Capital Management Technology Can Help Your Organisation?

    How Human Capital Management Technology Can Help Your Organisation - Ma Foi

    There are multiple ways in which HCM technology can help your organisation:

    It can promote business growth: Using different advanced tools and technologies will make it easier to promote business growth. You can also ensure that all workplace operations are carried out smoothly and effectively.

    It reduces recruitment costs: HCM can help you reduce recruitment and training efforts by retaining the top talents in your organisation. You can also generate better workforce capabilities for your business.

    You can make data-driven decisions for your business: By using predictive analysis, you will find it easy to make better decisions about your business. You can also determine the work schedule and compensation packages based on your analysis.

    You can increase business profitability: With HCM, you can automate manual tasks. This can reduce labour costs and administrative expenses, contributing to the profitability of your organisation.

    You can improve regulatory compliance: With a proper HCM system, you can stay updated with the changing regulations. This will allow you to stay compliant at all times.

    You can hire the right employees for the right jobs: You can easily match the right employees with the right job roles and positions so that they can make optimum use of their skills and talent.

    You can set up a customised training program: By enrolling your employees in various interesting training programs, you can easily boost their efficiency and productivity. You can also ensure that all your business operations are promptly handled.

    What is human capital management software?

    What is human capital management software - Ma Foi

    Human Capital Management Software allows a company to manage their employees in a much better way. The software helps with talent planning, analysis, and management on a single system. This allows you to streamline the various operations of your organisation.

    You can utilise the HCM software for different aspects of your workplace. You will also be able to ensure that the employees are offered an excellent workplace environment so that they are encouraged to give their fullest while at work. You can also integrate HRIS with HCM for better results.

    How to Choose a Human Capital Management System?

    How to Choose a Human Capital Management System - Ma Foi

    Choosing the right HCM system for your company can be daunting. So, here are a few things that you require to do:

    First, you must build a requirements checklist, depending on your business requirements. This will help you find an HCM system that meets your requirements.

    Next, you need to design a plan for your HCM. The plan should include the scope of your project, the required resources and an estimate of the timeframe.

    You also need to identify the internal stakeholders affected by the project and keep them informed about everything.

    Now you need to familiarise yourself with your organisation's approval process for the HCM system.

    Once you receive the approval from the stakeholders, present them with the HCM solution. You can also use an HCM business case template to explain your points to the stakeholders.


    To learn more about what is hcm in business and how you can implement HCM systems to streamline workflow, you may contact Ma Foi, and you will be offered all the details on the same.

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