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Operational agility, speed and responsiveness are at the core of successful organisations. Ma Foi assists businesses unlock their potential by streamlining processes, establish process benchmarks, institutionalising management operating systems, optimising inventory, and minimising effort. This results in reduced cost, increased customer satisfaction and improved operative metrics & margins. Ma Foi’s proven Business Process Re-engineering tools enables organisations to efficiently transform their operations and on-board all stakeholders in an efficient manner.

We undertake a quantitative approach to solve the operational challenges of our clients. Our well defined, structured and standardised engagement methodologies and tools ensure effective solutions are delivered within the shortest time span possible and with minimal disturbance to existing work flow of the organisation.


Throughput and Capacity Enhancement

Organisational value gets locked when different stakeholders/departments of the organisation work in silos and focus on local efficiency. Ma Foi through quantifiable techniques and tools measures the true capacity of each machine/department leading to identification of bottlenecks across the value chain, we then de-bottleneck the operations in a phased manner though targeted interventions revealing the true capacity of the organisation. We leave behind a capacity model which the organisation can use to simulate business scenarios and project their capability.

Material Optimisation

Raw material and semi-finished goods management often impacts the operational metrics of an organisation in terms of cost, delivery and customer requirement. We approach material optimisation with the total cost of ownership approach, we question the usage of material right from BOM design stage, and assist in demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, measure usage adherence to BOM, expiry control and wastage management.

Manpower Optimisation

Organisations are often weighed down by legacy manpower structure which shrinks the overall productivity. We follow a scientific process of computing the manpower for positional and non-positional deployment. Positional manpower requirement is ascertained through defining the capacity, throughput and productivity of the organisation; and non-positional manpower are defined through a systematic analysis of the activities undertaken, the drivers of the activity and their volume, frequency of activities and standard time definition. We then deploy dynamic manpower assessment tool which is responsive to business requirements and provide strategies for short, mid and long term manpower deployment based on criticality of the role.

Supply Chain & Network Optimisation

Visible, transparent and agile supply chains enable organisations to meet the fluctuations in market, at the same time organisations are under pressure to keep the costs low. We take a multifaceted approach to optimise the supply chain by, establishing best practices in vendor selection and management, supplier capability enhancement through training and capacity building, instituting performance management systems, improve stakeholder participation in creating lean material flow, optimising raw material and work in progress inventory in conjunction with demand fluctuations, minimising transportation costs, route optimisation, de-risk supply chain through planned interventions, create transparency in the order to delivery cycle and control cost through spend analytics.

adithyaAditya Narayan Mishra
Director & Group CEO

nandhaNandakumar Manavalan
Vice President


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