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Building HR systems to enable and support organizational growth

Building HR systems to enable and support organizational growth

Ma Foi’s structured intervention helped a leading beauty and wellness service provider to establish a standardized HR delivery platform across the organization


Due to rapid consolidation across India and a high rate of growth (60-70% YOY) of client’s business, a lack of uniformity and transparency in systems and processes resulted in reduced efficiency and profitability. Furthermore, a lack of accountability and ownership among employees affected the service standards and increased the attrition rate. Ma Foi was appointed by the client to develop its HR systems & processes, organisation structure, individual roles and responsibilities, and to implement the same so as to adapt to then current conditions and be equipped for the future.

The greatest challenge was to sensitize the second line of management about the possible shortfalls that could occur in an organisation with an unprecedented growth curve and without a HR fabric in place.

Corrective Action

During the first phase, Ma Foi conducted a comprehensive investigation of the HR practices of the company to understand how well the employees understood their roles and how convergent were the company’s goals with the goals of the individuals. After the study, a workshop was organized to define the vision and mission of the company by aligning the thoughts of its senior management.

In the second phase, Ma Foi developed and designed the HR system and guideline to ensure uniform standards across stores owned and/or operated by both corporate and franchises.

  • Building the organization structure for smooth flow of operations
  • Manpower planning and territory planning
  • Outlining job roles and responsibilities, defining KRA and KPIs for each job function to establish transparency and accountability
  • Creating a performance management system covering goal setting, performance support, performance review and appraisal mechanism
  • Building the HR policies and auditing the same covering recruitment, joining, Training and development, Compensation and rewards, employee engagement, leave, career succession, Training and development among the major areas along with administrative policies to meet current and future process and capabilities requirements
  • Implementation of the policies, systems and structure across the organisation and handholding of the same to induct the internal team for ensuring the sustainability of the laid processes.
  • Design and development framework and formats to complement the process


Ma Foi formulated the vision, mission for the organisation and ensured the alignment of the same across the organisation. Ma Foi developed robust HR systems and process in place to ensure standardisation and ensured a well-defined implementation road map to enable the HR team and other stakeholders to build sustainability of the initiative.

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