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Attrition rate and Disengagement due to Organization Climate Addressed through a Structured Employee Engagement Survey

Attrition rate and Disengagement due to Organization Climate Addressed through a Structured Employee Engagement Survey

Ma Foi’s structured intervention helped a bank enhance its employee engagement levels and reduce attrition


A leading bank was facing a drop in performance levels due to disengaged employees and a spike in attrition. While the management had taken a few initiatives around its HR policy, the attrition rate did not see any change. Based on a board mandate, the management wanted to understand from employee’s perspective, the real issues that needed to be addressed to stem attrition.

Corrective Action

The client engaged Ma Foi to conduct a diagnostic study that would inform them on employees experiences, expectations and importantly prioritize them that will enable focussed initiatives to meet employees expectations. This would help in enhancing employee engagement. Ma Foi developed a framework that involved a discovery phase aimed at understanding employees expectations & experiences through a qualitative research process amongst a representative sample of employees. Learning’s from the qualitative process for used to develop a quantitative questionnaire covering a wide spectrum of dimensions including, Role clarity, Training & Development, Trust in Management, Organization’s future, Employer Brand, Work Processes etc. All employees were invited to participate in the survey through an on-line set-up that ensured confidentiality of responses. Employees responses were analysed through advanced statistical techniques to determine the key drivers of employee engagement. In other words, the prioritized employees expectations. This was further divided into prioritized strengths & prioritized action areas.


Based on the survey analysis & findings, Ma Foi recommended initiatives to leverage the prioritized strengths and address prioritized action areas The initiatives revolved around equipping the middle management team to better manage their teams on specific aspects, simplifying work processes, promote team bonding, training & development, revised HR policies around career planning & job rotation and to develop an active internal communications policy.

A subsequent tracking study of employee engagement showed a significant improvement in all the key employee engagement metrics. Also, the attrition rate subsided gradually over the period and the bank was attracting better quality candidates which was difficult earlier.

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