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Attrition rate are impactable through systematic HR interventions

Ma Foi’s structured intervention helped leading automobile manufacturer to contain attrition across 250+ dealerships

A leading automobile manufacturer was facing attrition at 20-30% at its 250+ dealerships across India. High attrition rate was resulting in erosion of sales and service standards, impacting revenue. Demystifying casual factors for attrition was a challenge as the Dealership were at varied stages of growth 1) with less/no focus on HR as a business/strategic partner and 2) with more of problem solving and result oriented culture rather than focusing on sustainable performance culture.

Ma Foi in the Phase I conducted diagnostic study to identify the reasons for attrition and level of standardisation of HR systems at dealerships. Benchmark dealers and diagnostic dealers were identified to map talent management system gaps . In Phase II Ma Foi developed a detailed talent management guideline for dealers to help them in building an engaged and satisfied workforce that will support growth.  Guideline covered various facets of talent management system such as

  • Talent acquisition
  • On boarding and Induction
  • Compensation
  • Performance Management System
  • Employee Engagement
  • Training and Development
  • Career Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication

Ma Foi identified six developmental themes namely, career & succession planning, training & development, manpower planning, employee engagement, performance management, and effective communication as key drivers for retention. Ma Foi formulated action points to address attrition through institutionalisation of these developmental themes at dealership. A well-defined, implementation road map was developed to enable HR team at dealership location to build an engaged workforce.  Ma Foi anchored the implementation through a clustered training delivery model covering all dealership and Territory Managers.


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