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Ma Foi’s strategy consultants help business leaders to navigate through the complex array of strategic avenues in today’s business environment. By delivering a well-structured strategic framework backed by comprehensive data and action-oriented implementation plans emphasizing on accountability, Ma Foi offers practical solutions that drive holistic growth of a business.

Ma Foi believes in undertaking a collaborative and systematic approach to support organisations that are at various stages of growth namely, Creativity, Direction, Delegation, Co-ordination, Collaboration and Alliance. Our well defined and structured engagement methodologies and tools are designed to ensure ideation, development and delivery of effective solutions within agreed timelines. Our professionals carry a varied range of industry experience which makes us as your essential business partner in building your business, across various stages of growth.


Corporate Growth Strategy

The most progressive businesses are always dedicated towards growth-oriented objectives. Our professionals work closely with business leaders setting the right vision and mission, arriving at and implementing the most effective business strategies for driving organizational growth. This allows the organisation to continuously re-invent, sustain and thrive in their performance in the ever-more complex and competitive business reality.

Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy

We assist businesses to venture into new markets such as geographies, customers, industries and products by systematically unfolding the complexities of the market place. We conduct an intricate market study which gives the client a detailed picture of current and prospective future opportunities. This enables them to identify their target customers and design value propositions tailored to the customer needs and to the company strengths. We leverage on extensive research data which leads to practical solutions and helps build robust GTM strategies.

Marketing Performance Measurement & Optimization

Marketing engines of an organization are most effective when the activities are able to generate powerful customer experiences. Our professionals conduct an extensive market research to gain valuable insights from customers. The marketing objectives are subsequently defined so as to be in tune with the insights. The marketing structure and activities are assessed from the spectacle of these objectives. The required changes are identified, introduced and implemented. The effectiveness of these changes are assessed by parameters such as immediate outputs (number of leads, online traffic), business outcomes (revenues, profits), costs (cost per lead, cost per customer), etc.

Sales Force Optimization

We help our clients in building robust sales force and effective sales practices. Our intervention cuts across the below four steps:

Step 1 – Building a team structure, assigning important roles and responsibilities to the sales personnel.

Step 2 – Designing a sales process that ensures a systematic approach, right from identification of the right prospects to obtaining commitment from the prospects. In addition, we also help our clients in setting up the post-sales follow up process. This ensures that the sales force is dedicated towards providing the best experience to the customers.

Step 3 – Designing and implementing the metrics to monitor the performance of the sales team and the effectiveness of the processes.

Step 4 – Reviewing the structure and processes to make necessary changes for obtaining better results.

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Director & Group CEO

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