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Payroll and Compliance

Organisations need to pay the salary, bonus and variable pay to the employees, reimburse them the expenses incurred on business, deduct the right amounts from the pay towards statutory pay and taxes, remit the statutory dues on time. All of these tasks have to happen on time and accurately. Hence, we need a system that is reliable and transparent, also processes that work with speed and highest degree of accuracy.

Ma Foi’s payroll services provide you with a reliable and fully-automated system that not only delivers speed and accuracy but also ensures compliance with the statutory requirements and timely payout of salaries and reimbursements to employees. These services are SLA-bound and bear the spirit of continual improvement. We ensure that our payroll processing follows all the required standards of corporate governance and tax regulations.

This service is payroll and compliance end-to-end, includes the following:

  • providing a payroll tool with processing services,
  • generation of Paysheet for the company to advise payouts,
  • ESS to provide payslips for employees, facility to declare their investments for Income Tax, submitting proofs of Investments, seeing the Tax calculations, getting the Form-16 and query resolution,

generation of all statutory challans and remittance with filing of returns.



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