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By In testimonials On January 12, 2017

The Industrial Waste Management Association was set up in 2002 with the encouragement of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board with the objective of facilitating the creation of facilities for responsible treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes from industries in the State of Tamil Nadu. What started as an informal group of less than ten industries has now grown to have a membership of around 2500 industries, spanning the entire spectrum in terms of size – tiny and micro sector to the largest sector in diverse spheres – automobiles to chemicals to railways to refineries to electroplating…the list keeps growing.

As membership grew in number and complexity, the IWMA needed to also expand its abilities to serve member industries. IWMA had to facilitate creation of more than one facility, help industries develop skills and knowledge, create a pool of scientists and technologists to assist industries find solutions to their environmental challenges, assist industries in being statutorily compliant, develop an ethos of Corporate Social Responsibility…

All the above activities needed structuring and professionalizing the office of IWMA. The Executive Committee recognized the need to engage professionals to assist in this exercise. Ma Foi was the preferred choice because of their proven professional competence and importantly, their ability to assimilate and relate to the unique needs of the Association. They have helped IWMA’s seniors in enunciating the Vision, and translating the Vision into action-oriented Verticals. While all activities have been brought in effectively, the Organization structuring itself has been kept simple and bureaucratic layering has been avoided. Job Descriptions have been detailed out, and this is a useful reference for recruitment, as well as identifying the primary accountabilities. The above exercise has been followed up with a detailed Manual to manage the Human Resource function of the organization. We, at IWMA are indeed thankful and appreciative of the excellent competence and adaptability of Ma Foi’s professionals who engaged with us. We certainly could not have asked for a better output from the engagement!

Mani – IWMA

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