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Assessment and Development centre

Assessment and development centers are used for recruitment, promotions, training and leadership development. Ma Foi adopts a 3 phased scientific approach for conducting assessment/development center. Our Assessors will use tools that exist in our Tool Bank or custom design the entire set of tools to assess level specific competency. Illustrative list of tools used:

Participant’s performance rating will be finalized during the Assessment/Development Centre(AC/DC) wash-up session by our team of Psychologists/Assessors.

The Individual Assessment Centre reports will focus on the strength and development areas of each individual. In addition, for each individual, a psychometric report will also be prepared.

A consolidated report (Group report) will also be created. This version of the consolidated report (Group report) will be used during the discussion with the head of the specific discipline/level/HR.

We will also create an organization Report/ Management report with a Rank Order matrix for each level. This report will throw light on the overall performance of the participants in terms of displaying their strengths, gap areas and the overall trends. This will enable the management to look ahead on the training interventions, formulating training calendar, coaching and other interventions specific to each level thus aiding the future development of each participant.

The above three reports when put together will reflect the current performance level of the person and also it reflects on the potentiality of these members to take up higher responsibilities.

360 degree feedback survey

Single sourced feedback is rarely comprehensive enough to be regarded as good quality feedback. In organisations where employees are regarded as empowered to do their own jobs and interact with others, managers are regarded as the ‘coach’ to help and guide employees to a higher performance, single-sourced feedback is often considered inadequate.

360 degree feedback is becoming increasingly popular to drive performance at managerial level. It helps in generating awareness of perceived human behaviours, identifying strengths and developmental needs, recognising blind spots and hidden strengths of the individual.

Ma Foi’s approach for conducting 360 degree feedback survey is given below:

  • Finalizing Competency Framework

The competencies for various roles are identified by interacting with top performers and shared with the respective functional heads for finalisation. Behavioural indicators for each competency will be defined. The behavioural indicators provide an objective description to a competency and evidence to ensure if the particular competency is present or not present in an individual.

  • Designing Questionnaire

Questionnaires for the identified competency will be drafted in alignment with its proficiency level, the rater category for each role holder is also defined under this step.

  • Preparing for Launch & Finalising Participants List

Participants list for each rater category will be mapped. All questionnaires will be hosted online for launching the survey. Participants will be educated and sensitised on the importance of the survey and encouraged to provide candid feedback.

  • Collecting Feedback

All responses will be collected anonymously to ensure confidentiality in the complete process.

  • Analysing the Data

The data collected from respondents will be consolidated and analysed, this includes their individual responses for each statement, strength, development areas, and open comments.

  • Submitting the Report

Individual 360 degree reports are generally published with 3 main sections:

1.The competency summary at a glance under each of the main competency headings – showing how individual’s self-scores match up against the scores of their respondents.

2.The competency detail section takes each competency in turn and analyses it in terms of individual’s scores against each of the individual behavioural statements.

3.The free text comments from the respondents provides narrative feedback for development

The final report will conclude with the Individual Development Plan template for the employee to plan and work on their developmental agendas.

Transformational leadership training programs

We are in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world where change is inevitable, it calls for transformational leadership to prevail at all levels of the organization for its survival through such tough times now and in future. It demands the leaders to spot the necessity for change, set a vision to lead the change, and deliver it in association with dedicated team members to achieve bold and aggressive organizational goals.

It is important for the organization to develop such leaders at all levels and transform the organization for sustenance, continuous growth and success.

Our Leadership Development Program C.H.I.S.E.L has been structured around the same thought to bring out the transformational leadership style from any Manager within the organization.

It focuses on:

  • Increasing their self-knowledge and awareness of their own leadership style: how he/she responds to conflict, what motivates him/her, what causes them stress, and how they can solve problems
  • Creating an enthusiastic, productive and engaged workforce by improving working relationships and recognizing the communication needs of team members
  • Gaining an insight that people are different and not difficult
  • Building ability to match talent with the right job, understand team dynamics, monitor and mentor the team’s performance
  • Understanding the dispositions and priorities of team members and facilitate creation of teamwork culture
  • Identifying and responding to customer requirement more effectively and more efficiently
  • Cultivating higher levels of maturity through exposure to a structured decision-making process
  • Achieving bold and aggressive organizational goals

Key takeaways

Program schedule (can be customised depending on client requirements)

It is a 2 days program where participant goes through the transformation to become an leader

Day 1:

Module 1: Leadership at a Glance: Focusing on various aspects of leadership

Module 2: Myth Busters: Challenging all assumptions

Module 3: Personality & Perception: Johari Windows

Module 4: Motivational Theory: Tangibles & Intangibles

Day 2:

Module 5: Leadership Communication: Managing Conflict

Module 6: Employee Involvement: Access Management

Module 7: Team Management -Theory X & Theory Y: Need of the hour

Module 8: Situational Leadership: Readiness Levels and Situation Styles

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