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By In Blog On January 18, 2021

VMV as it is called, sounds like a no brainer to the world of strategy. Simply formulated and nicely articulated few sentences make up to the most important column of our websites.

While it is important to lay down boundaries and focus in what we want to achieve, how we want to achieve and why we want to achieve, it is more important to ensure that the thoughts should reflect and encompass the changes that happen at both the micro and macro level.

Not many organizations understand the power of having and practicing the right VMV. The “many organization” here includes companies from various segment, industry and sizes precisely from a bootstrapper to a record breaker and hence VMV is seen most of the time as the last thing one want to invest on, both in the form of capital and time.

Every entity, from a Non-profit organization to the biggest of the business houses exists to serve a purpose and as they sail in this journey newer and brighter talent join them, giving employment precisely to act, perform and achieve the tasks that should ideally reach in “to serve the purpose”.

But are we really reaching there? Is our vision aligned to the tasks we do at the ground level? These are few questions which one should ask quite often and seek an answer to as to what they actually are.

Clearly framed statement to concisely convey and articulate the purpose of existence, direction to continuously stride for improvement and value to stand by during the course of time are known as vision, mission and value statements. These are very powerful tools to communicate your intentions and motivate and inspire the team to ensure that it gets percolated to the last member of the organization to achieve the goal what the organization look forward to.

As it is important to have a style consistency in what we do in the organization, VMV creates that base to facilitate consistent everyday decisions and to achieve buy-in to new directions.

Not only as part of stepping years of a company but whenever an organization chooses to take a leap forward to further grow or take an important decision it becomes very important to revisit the VMV

We at Ma Foi and thanks to our long legacy of dealing with organization, seeing and formulating policies, processes have ensured that the strategies should not fall apart by ensuring it is well aligned to the vision mission and values.

Garima Jyothi
Lead Corporate Growth and Marketing Strategy

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