How Can Organizations Navigate Through These Uncertain Times

Published on: November 23, 2021

    With no manual present on how to respond to the increasingly evolving issues regarding the global coronavirus pandemic, most decision-makers are struggling to address the correct balance between judicious cautiousness and anxious reaction. With so many uncertainties, playing it extra-safe is undoubtedly a practical response. Yet playing it too safe has its own disadvantages. Steering through the uncertain future course with methods that reduce the ongoing disruption would require all who are in the higher management roles to maintain calm and reanalyze risk past its normal parameters. The American Psychological Association claims resilience as the method of accommodating well in the face of distress, trauma, disaster, or threats and recovering back from such tough experiences. The following suggests a 3 part self-navigation circuit that can help you keep yourself, the leader, in check.
    • Hold your steering - To navigate under any kind of situation, you must maintain a strong Stand straight, breathe, and hold the steering with a sturdy grip. The calmer you can be, the better you can concentrate on your responsibilities and apprehend any data given to you.
    • Build your road map - Think of the situation like no one has been in this kind of situation Hence, there ain't any map guiding you through. Likewise let your thoughts wander free, consider new possibilities, and visualize the future. You can also brainstorm together along with your management team to work up individual ideas.
    • Efficient functioning - For safe as well as effective operations on your ship, you need to take over the position of the captain and choose a concept that appears to be the most appropriate choice at the moment and check it out. You must consider the fact and emotion-based selection
    Further, as the boss, you need a grip on your employees too. The underlying suggestions will assist all those in charge take better care of those in their charge:
    • Promote connection and reassemble employees with a shared purpose - During these times, your employees may feel challenged by a common threat. They may not come up collectively due to the character of the threat. So, bring everyone together and make them realize that “We are all in this together, and we can overcome it together”. This can develop trust, increase loyalty and improve bonds in ways that could in no way be accomplished during calmer times.
    • Lead comprehensively - Relationships hold a key influence in any workplace. The better a leader’s emotional association with personnel, the higher positioned they’ll be to obtain personnel pulling behind them. So it’s crucial to lead from the heart, not simply from the head, making sure that everybody feels a sense of belonging and nobody is neglected.
    • Act quickly against misunderstandings - Conspiracy speculations and dubious rumors spread rapidly amid uncertainties. The insufficiency of facts related to coronavirus has hauled many people into the black-hole of anxiety, over-reacting doomsday-like situations and acting irrationally. The most crucial thing is to be direct, on point, and lucid about what should be done. So, get into your organization's grapevine in advance and circulate regular updates on precisely what's going on and your strategies to manage them.
    Lastly, you must streamline your business such that any sort of disruption will leave the least impact on what you and your organization are doing. For that you must:
    • Be decisive and don't wait for clarity - While coping with a deficiency of definite records and significant ambiguity, decision-making can cause greater anxiety. Indecision might make sense in a short term, however, in the long run, it simply leaves people feeling less secure. That's why make the best possible decisions you can right now, with what you presently understand. Later, when you will understand better, make a new decision. Don’t let the anxiety of making a wrong choice hold you from making any decision. People require ambitious decisive management right now, and not wavering and cowardliness. The one word which builds an amazing manager is decisiveness.
    • Build agility and organizational resilience - Use the disruption as a catalyst for doing business much better. Make better strategies for innovating, re-engineering, creating better relations with clients, and getting more creative with administration, marketing, and interactions. Find ways to utilize this time to learn to serve your stakeholders properly even after the crisis has been resolved.
    Uncertainties may be complex, however, they do not ought to be complicated. With a robust helmsman, a flexible road map, and an encouraging and decisive captain, you've got all of the equipment required to navigate and progress in the journey. Given that every notable management starts with self-management, right now is a good time for management leaders of each level to raise their ground themselves in the values which outline the leader they strive to be. Benevolent, calm, and valiant.

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