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Creating effective and sustainable HR solutions

During HR diagnostic exercise, most of us are inclined to examine various aspects pertaining to alignment and effectiveness of existing structures, policies, systems and practices. We genuinely detect the gaps and strive towards bridging the same through various strategic / policy interventions. However, many a time I have noticed organizations end up being hardly moved from their base reality by those thoughtful efforts and HR professionals wondering why the magic wand failed to work?! If you carefully analyze, you will realize that such a failure/non improvement can be primarily attributed to the reason of overlooking on one critical factor – “Culture”. It is imperative that we study the existing culture of the organization as well during the HR diagnostic phase. Understanding the current culture can help us in drafting an effective and sustainable developmental strategies and implementation road map for the organization. It is not about just knowing the target to win a wicket but also to know the speed and depth at which ball has to be delivered.

Banu, Lead HRCM Practice