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How AI And Humans Can Evolve A Business Together Faster

Nowadays, news of technical advancements facilitating superhuman performance by machines follow one after another. AI now propels numerous real-world applications, starting from facial recognition to translators and assistants like Siri and Alexa, that we have never seen before. Along with[...]

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10 Ways Digital Learning Will Shape The Next Generation

The youngest generation Alpha is expected to account for about 2 billion of the worldwide population by 2025. This generation does not recall a time when they are not surrounded by unlimited connectivity, several computing interfaces, and digital interactions. In[...]

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Develop A Winning Strategy For The Digital World

Digital initiatives are reintroducing the policies of planning and embracing winning strategies almost instinctively. The huge revolution of the business world in recent years has been powered by ‘Digitalization’, primarily stimulated by “pure plays”, organizations that only have online projects[...]

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