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Structured overseas employment program through a research based understanding on employment demand across 25 countries

Structured overseas employment program through a research based understanding on employment demand across 25 countries

Ma Foi’s structured study helped a leading body develop an overseas employment program amongst blue-collar employees across a wider geography


Skill enhancement has taken a definitive form with an organized program of skilling Indian youth though a network of training partners. This led to the next step of establishing an organized program to export skilled Indian youth based on the employment demand. While skill export has been in practice for many decades, it is restricted to a few geographies and to a few skills. The ambition was to expand this to a wider geography, wider skills and importantly ensure transparency.


Ma Foi developed a market-led framework to first understand the employment demand by skills over the next 5 years and use it as the basis for developing the overseas employment program. The framework comprised a mix of economic factors & social factors that ensured a fine balance between an employees earning ability as well as lead a safe, dignified life. The economic & social factors had a total of 15 sub-factors. The data was collected through a mix of primary & secondary research. The primary research was amongst employment experts, key employers & Indian embassies across the 25 countries. Ma Foi followed a weighted ranking method to determine the top jobs across countries. In addition to the above, Ma Foi conducted an in-depth study of the skills curriculum followed in India and matched it with the job requirements.

The above research processes helped in understanding the top jobs by demand, by country that ensured a fine balance between economic & social factors.


Ma Foi identified six developmental themes namely, career & succession planning, training & development, manpower planning, employee engagement, performance management, and effective communication as key drivers for retention. Ma Foi formulated action points to address attrition through institutionalisation of these developmental themes at dealership. A well-defined, implementation road map was developed to enable HR team at dealership location to build an engaged workforce.  Ma Foi anchored the implementation through a clustered training delivery model covering all dealership and Territory Managers.

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