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Formulating an effective professional secretariat structure and human resource policies and guidelines

Formulating an effective professional secretariat structure and human resource policies and guidelines


One of its kind association for waste management in Tamil Nadu was interested in penning down its vision and mission and revamping its professional secretariat structure in alignment with its vision. In addition, need for HR policies and guidelines was identified to improve employee retention and engagement.

Corrective Action

Ma Foi took a three phase approach to address the requirements of the client.

Under Phase 1, Ma Foi conducted a vision mission exercise to map the member and management team aspirations and perspectives for the organisation.  Secretariat structure for the organisation was formulated considering the vision and mission of the organisation, available opportunities, member industry requirements, etc. to impact the oProposed structure was  deliberated and agreed with the management team.

Under Phase 2, role dossiers were built for the agreed roles including purpose of role, key dimensions, roles and responsibilities, key interactions, required qualification and experience, and skills.

Under Phase 3, existing HR policies and practices were studied.  Rewamping ofbelow various policies was carried out – HR System policies, HR administartive policies and HR compliance policies. In addition HR startegies were formulated for improving employee engagement ad retention. Performance management system was developed  considering the requirenents and nature of the organsiation. All the formats and


Ma Foi identified six developmental themes namely, career & succession planning, training & development, manpower planning, employee engagement, performance management, and effective communication as key drivers for retention. Ma Foi formulated action points to address attrition through institutionalisation of these developmental themes at dealership. A well-defined, implementation road map was developed to enable HR team at dealership location to build an engaged workforce.  Ma Foi anchored the implementation through a clustered training delivery model covering all dealership and Territory Managers.

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