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Business expansion and promotional strategy for a food processing company

Business expansion and promotional strategy for a food processing company

Ma Foi’s strategic intervention helped a leader in the processed food industry to build and execute plans for branding and distribution of various products


The client, a privately owned company in the food processing industry was looking at geographic expansion and improving the product portfolio for better business opportunities.

The client currently operates via two business models – International exports and domestic supply to retail partner in South India. The company has always been into B2B marketing in the domestic market, thus limiting its reach to the consumer.

Ma Foi engagement involved understanding the industry trends of various processed food products and identifying the industry potential for the client in terms of profitability, market feasibility and competency. This was done to evolve branding and business development strategies, and to develop the network.

Corrective Action

Ma Foi in the Phase I conducted diagnostic study to identify the client capabilities and competencies via visits and market feedback study. This was followed by an industry analysis for shortlisting the potential opportunity areas. Business plan was developed for the shortlisted line of business and product vertical was rolled out in consultation with the client. Field visits (manufacturer and marketer) were done for validation, along with the identification of the gaps and SWOT of the product. Brand building  and promotional exercise was done to improve awareness, increase market reach via digital, web and trade fairs. Given the market understanding and the challenges key GO-TO-MARKET strategies were formulated product wise for market expansion.


Ma Foi identified and developed a new line of business with high feasibility, limited investment and high profitability. Key strategies were developed for the identified category both for branding, network and channel development. Ma Foi did a challenge sensing exercise and conducted workshops to bridge improvement areas along with revamping of the promotional tools through relevant channels partners.

A well-defined, road map was developed to enable the board and the knowledge partners to provide the necessary support in order to reach the desired objective

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