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Growth Strategy to identify related products, service offerings and geographic expansion.

Growth Strategy to identify related products, service offerings and geographic expansion.

Ma Foi’s structured intervention helped leading engineering & manufacturing company to develop a differentiating yet pragmatic strategic roadmap to 2020, covering aspect of the strategic plan, explorations, identification, validation, selection, stakeholder management, commitment and road mapping.


A leading engineering & manufacturing company wanted to identify  validated alternates to achieve higher growth. In the process of identifying and developing this strategic road map  the management team required assistance to:

1) Diagnose all potential avenues under the radar currently and Search for other potential alternative.

2) Enable to Choose alternates through an exhaustive, data based and structured process, to ensure success.

3) Get the key stakeholders to Commit to it.

4) Develop detailed implementation plan with, resources, actions, costs, risks over the course of 1 to 2 years.

Corrective Action

Ma Foi conducted diagnostic study to Develop growth hypothesis, related products, service offerings, and geographic expansion

1) Validated strategy, from a time to impact, familiarity, risk and economic profit stand point. Considering a) External domestic and global leading indicators, b) Internal core capability and environment, c) Competitive landscape, and d) Stakeholder’s perspective

2) Develop and document logical implementation road map with specific actions to execute the strategy chosen. The road map will specifically highlight, resources, enablers, measurement and monitoring mechanisms.


Ma Foi identified  a total of 46 strategic strands  divided under 4 SBU’s related to current manufacturing expertise. Out of these, 10 strands received approval from the client Board. These strands included manufacturing of Prefab cabins for C.V, C.E & Tractors. High- end & modular cabins  for Commercial vehicles, global expansion of fuel & hydraulic tanks for construction equipment’s, Welded (sub) assembly for sheet metal parts in car & manufacturing of wheel rims for cars. An elaborate implementation road map  for each strategic strand equipped with funds requirement, timeline of  the project and delegation of key responsibilities was constructed by Ma Foi.

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