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Business Transformation

To keep up with the rapidly changing patterns of customer preferences, market structures and rising competition, modern businesses need to be innovative in product and service delivery, nimble in operations, lead the learning curve. Delivering changes that bring positive impact and impart competitive edge is a massive challenge today, Ma Foi’s experienced team of consultants helps businesses to overcome such challenges through a balanced mix of qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Ma Foi’s strength in business transformation exercise lies in cohesively engaging all the stakeholders of the organisation. Our well defined, structured and standardised engagement methodologies and tools ensure the transformation exercise if fully imbibed by everyone in the organisation and augments the customer satisfaction metrics of the organisation.

Business Process Reengineering

Ma Foi offers expertise in redesigning business processes enabling better customer experiences, simplified process flow and standardised response mechanisms. The underlying principles of our BPR exercises are speed, reliability, transparency, accountability, and traceability; thereby facilitating enhanced collaboration within the organization. We ensure value creation at every step of a business process through systematic elimination of non-value added activities and improving turnaround time with minimal documentation requirements. We also assist organisations during the implementation process with structured training programmes, process measurements and reliability testing and periodic audits.

Technology and E-Learning

Training and capacity development costs of organisations are rising meteorically given the pace of technological disruptions and marketplace evolution. Continual skill development of employees is critical to ensure uniform customer experience across the organisation and facilitate organisation wide adoption of evolving business processes and systems. Ma Foi with its proven track record of designing and developing E-learning systems and products enables geographically distributed workforce to be trained and evaluated in an effective manner. Our custom platform built on open source technologies enables scalable growth in content and complexity of deployment.

Management Operating System Reengineering

Well planned strategies many a times are crippled by poor execution and control. Ma Foi assists organisations in setting up and re-engineering Management Operating Systems by selecting the personnel for execution, assigning the quantifiable KRAs and KPIs, establishing system tools to capture the relevant information out of data generated, setting up periodic reviews across different levels of the hierarchy, generating the actionable MIS reports depending on audience and priority, establishing control tools and optimally standardising decision making based on information symmetry. We also assist organisations in percolating these systems across the layers of employees by designing effective communication material, and training and development.

People Transformation

The Ma Foi team helps businesses in shaping practices that create powerful synergies between company objectives and desires of the employees, thereby bolstering employee effectiveness and creating an environment where people can collectively envision a common goal.

Successful companies boast of a rich culture that resonates with the vision, mission and core values of the company. Ma Foi has identified five key areas that help companies to transform their culture, putting them on a path to progress. These five areas include Capabilities, Structure, Core Process, Metrics/Rewards, and People Practices/Systems. Through a scientific approach these five elements are moulded in alignment with the company values and sewn together with the overall strategic objectives of the organization.

Structural Reengineering

A robust organizational framework helps companies to administer and function effectively. Ma Foi experts help clients to build such frameworks by understanding the priorities of the organization across four areas – Specialization, integration, span of control and centralization. By establishing preferred modes of operation under these four areas, we bring in processes that focus on harnessing a collaborative work-environment and mount unambiguous standards of accountability. In addition we equip organizations with the ability to stay on track with their priorities through the course of their growth, develop their talent pool and enhance their value offerings.

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Director & Group CEO

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Vice President

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